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Manufacturing voltage range increased to 12kV

HV transformer

We are pleased to inform you that our desire for improvement has led us once again to overcome ourselves, this time in relation to our manufacturing voltage range, which is increased to 12kV.

The continuous interest from our clients in using our products in 10-11kV electrical systems together with our effort in meeting our customers’ requirements have made possible to succeed in this challenge.

The resin technology used by Polylux when manufacturing high voltage products reduces the risk of insulation faults as it represents a reinforced insulation in the windings of the transformers. That is not only because the resin has insulation properties but also due to the impossibility of electric arcs resulting from the existence of dust sediments and/or air condensation.

Besides, it is worth noting that the resin’s high thermal conductivity and protection against vibrations, current peaks and humid and corrosive atmospheres lengthen the lifespan of the products that use it.